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Holy Name Society

The Holy Name Society is an organization composed of men serving the church.  They assist the different ministries in the Church such as the Rosary Altar Society.

The president, Ralph Salzano, is a long time member and shares that the Holy Name Society has been involved in the Church since the 1930's.

The society started off with more than 150 members but through the years dwindled to 5 members. Two years ago, with the passing of Bobby Sibilia, it was only Ralph Salzamo, Gary Rufino and Billy Bizzarro that were left.  After doing a membership drive, we were able to recruit 17 new members. 

The Holy Name Society will continue to exist and offer services to the Church.  Their main activity is to deliver Thanksgiving Turkey and Stop & Shop gift cards to the poor in our community during the Thanksgiving week.  One of their main fundraising activities is selling Palm Crosses to parishioners on the week of Palm Sunday.


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